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3rd annual great Maine BBQ Challenge

September 21-23, 2018   Bangor, ME

Spectators can expect a great weekend of blues music, great food and of course, beer!

I want everyone who attends this event to know that I love to share BBQ. What is the point of loving something if you can’t share it? For me it’s not just about getting people happily full on great food, it’s also about communicating the Art of it, and the history behind it. That to me is what this whole KCBS & NEBS event is all about. Sharing what we love. BBQ.
I want to be sure everyone who attends this event goes away with a new feeling about American cuisine, and the Art, Passion and the History behind it all. I want those who attend to feel that they have been introduced to an entire new world of amazing people that feel the same way I do about food!
— Frank Pendola - Founder of the GMBC