Admission for Spectators


Tickets can be purchased at admission gate! 

Admission Fee

Day pass -  $10/person, Children 10 and under are free!

VIP pass - $35/person for three day admission, exclusive (free) access to sampling competitor BBQ once judging is completed Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and access to the beer tent VIP line

Dogs are free – Bring a leash, and your own popper scooper!

Event Times

 Friday 5p-10p, Saturday 10a-7:30p, Sunday 10:00a-5:00p


Parking at the event is free with your paid admission to the Great Maine BBQ Challenge. There is no VIP parking.

Beer Garden

Come join us at the Maine premiere of our Hops House 99 beer garden. You'll be welcomed with smiling faces as our beer chicks and dudes serve up an assortment of your favorite local and national beers!  Relax in our comfortable Adirondack lounge and take a well deserved break from all the live music and scrumptious barbecue action. This event is what we’re all about and we can’t wait to see everyone there! In the meantime join us down at Hollywood Casino and sample our daily specials and creative menus 7 days a week. Here at Hops House 99 you're always encouraged to take one down and pass it around...

event Schedule

Contest Details & Schedule NEBS and KCBS Competitions



NEBS Competition, Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

NEBS Competition Details See the NEBS Rules & Regulations for detailed information governing this competition:‐asked‐questions/grilling‐rules.  

In order for a competition team to have their scores count towards NEBS Team of the Year honors, the chief cook that signed the contest application for the team must be a paid member of NEBS when the contest takes place and must be present at the competition. Any scores accumulated after the listed chief cook is no longer a member, by a vote of the Board of Directors for non‐payment of dues or any other reason, will not count towards NEBS Team of the Year. 


NEBS Grilling Contest:  The Northeast Barbecue Society Rules will apply for this contest without exceptions. Contestants will be competing in the following categories: Note: all categories require minimum 6 portions for judging.   


  • Chicken wings – Deep frying permitted.  Any fuel source.  Open garnish.  At least 6 portions must fit in the 9”x9” provided turn in container. 


  • Mystery meat‐ Protein will be given to teams on Saturday morning no later than 9AM.   Open garnish.  Must fit in the provided 9”x9” turn in container.  Fuel is wood or Charcoal only.  Deep frying of this category is not permitted. 


  • Meat chili – Must be prepared on site.  You will be given a 9”x9” covered box with 6 small containers that fit inside the box for the turn in.  These containers are approximately 4oz.  No garnish is allowed, but judges will be provided with spoons for tasting the entries.  Any fuel source is permitted.  This is a meat chili.  Beef, pork, chicken, or any other USDA approved meat (or combination of meats) is acceptable.  No beans are permitted.   Other vegetables may be included, but judges will be instructed that the dish should feature primarily meat.   


  • Dessert entry – Anything permitted, but must be prepared on site.  Open garnish.   Wood or charcoal fuel.  Six portions required.  A 9”x9” turn in box will be provided, and must be turned in with your entry; however you are permitted to supply your own open platter as long as it doesn’t exceed 12”x18”

NEBS Cook’s Meeting – Friday, September 22nd, at 5pm.  

11:00am  NEBS Judges Meeting 11am

12:00pm  Chicken Wing Turn‐In   

12:30pm  Mystery meat Turn‐In    

1:00pm Meat Chili Turn‐In     

1:30pm Dessert Turn‐In  

3:00pm NEBS Grilling Awards Ceremony  


KCBS Competition, Sunday, September 24th, 2017

The KCBS BBQ contest is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and abides by all KCBS rules & regulations. Contestants will be competing in the following categories:  Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, and Brisket. Awards and prize money will be presented for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion, as well as from First through Tenth place in each individual category.   See the KCBS Rules & Regulations for detailed information governing this competition:

KCBS Cooks meeting Saturday, September 23rd, at 5:00pm 

10:30am KCBS Judge’s Meeting  

12:00pm Chicken Category Turn‐In  

12:30pm Pork Ribs Category Turn‐In  

1:00pm  Pork Category Turn‐In  

1:30pm  Brisket Category Turn‐In  

3:00pm  KCBS BBQ Contest Awards Ceremony